9 Reasons Why You Should Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Over the last few years the number of people seeking for ways to generate additional income from home has increased drastically and mostly due to the changing economy. Most people get on Google and start looking around for opportunities only to find "how to" programs and countless amounts of eBooks on the subject. There are plenty of ways to generate income from home;  blogging, eBay, eCommerce, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and more. For some reason more people tend to gravitate more towards eBay simply because everything else seems complex and the word "marketing" scares people since they "think" they don't have a "marketing background". Although making money with any of the above mentioned methods are possible and probably, for a novice Internet Entrepreneur I'd recommend Affiliate Marketing.


9 Reasons Why You Should Do Affiliate Marketing


1. Low to No start-up cost. Pick a niche and products or programs you can stand behind and sign up to represent them. Most affiliate programs allow you to market their services at no cost. You will run across some that ask you to buy their service(s) first before you represent them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it simply in reality you'd never want to represent a product or service that you didn't try or use yourself. Your long term credibility online with your customers is the biggest asset you have to protect if you want to build a successful online Affiliate Business.

2. No Inventory. The merchant you become the Affiliate for takes care of product development, supply and storage. No direct with customer interaction, there's no need for a phone, separate bank account or business cards. All your earning will be sent to you via check or direct deposit.

3. Business is open 24/7. Unlike eBay or running an eCommerce site when you make a sale online while you sleep the customer receives their product/service instantly. No limitation on geographical location, time zone or keeping up with "open for business" hours.

4. No customer support. The reality of any business is  customers are your life blood. You need them. Affiliate Marketing actually eliminates interaction between you and customers because you're paid to bring the customers to the merchant so the merchant deals with fulfillment and troubleshooting.

5. No recruiting others to do the same (most of the time). I personally don't have a problem with actually recruiting others to become affiliates through me (that only accelerates my income) but if you're not interested in recruiting others and just want to marketing the product you can easily do that. There are affiliate programs where they pay you for introducing other affiliates and you will over ride 1 or 2 levels of production. These type of affiliates are rare and if you find one (if you're looking for it) then grab one because it's only healthier for your bank account.

6. You control the commission.  One of the factors when choosing an affiliate program to sell with is their compensation split. The more you keep the better of course. Typically the commissions in the  Affiliate Marketing world are anywhere between 20% – 75%. It is safe to say that the average is about 40%. Personally, I like getting paid my 100% with a full control of the selling process using my own merchant. You can get more information Here

7. Chance to earn a residual income. Creating an income that comes in every month like clock work weather you work or not is almost everyone's dream. This is common with Network Marketing but less common with Affiliate Marketing. The great reward of residual income won't happen overnight but if you give your new business your dedicated time and commitment in 6 – 12 months you  might just turn your part time income into a full time income and finally get a chance to fire your boss.

8. Multiple streams of income. Being an affiliate of several different merchants has it's rewards. Receiving upwards of 14 different checks a month is a reality for many of my clients. Being an affiliate for one merchant is something I'd never recommend. You want to secure your income and not rely on just one source…and you should always spread your risk just in case.

9. Creative advertising is done for you. Most affiliate programs offer their affiliates various banners and links so all you have to do is getting more people to see them.


I hope you now have enough compelling reasons why you should be earning affiliate checks as an affiliate marketer. When you build your Affiliate Marketing business effectively and build your email list you will be able to generate a solid, predictable, on demmand income right from home without selling products and services to friends and family. It's the kind of a business that COMPLETELY puts you behind the wheel with 100% control over your own income and if you follow my formula HERE it will be with 100% commission as well.


Your partner in success,

- Raphael Mavi


Raphael MaviP.S. Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative and creative industry. If you'd like to learn how to maximize your efforts and get paid 100% commissions for your work check out this simple 3 step formula and if you start using it today I will personally work with you and help you get started right. Watch This Video NOW.


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