What Is Attraction Marketing? How Can It Help You?

What does Attraction Marketing mean when it comes to building your home business? Is it a new concept? Hmmmm, maybe it’s a new way to build an MLM? Well, the answer might surprise you but what Attraction Marketing really means is to market your busines by attracting the prospects to YOU wanting to sign up with YOU instead of you chasing your prospects. In essence, you become the hunted vs. the hunter. I don’t know about you but that concept sounds pretty cool to me. Not only does it sound cool but it works! This little concept has changed the way I build my business and it has generated more leads for me than I know what to do with. It also has generated tons of commissions for me outside of my primary Network Marketing business.

The concept of Attraction Marketing has existed for thousands of years. It’s nothing new. Even in the world of MLM top leaders, even top money earners in YOUR MLM, use this method to build their huge organizations. Whether it’s done online or offline it doesn’t matter. If it is done online you just have more chances at winning this game, that’s all.

Why do groupies flock to rock stars? Why do we favor athletes? Why do top income earners in MLM make recruiting look so easy? The answer is simple, Rock stars, athletes and top MLM earners have what many would consider the “it” factor. It’s the Alpha in them, it’s having something other people want.

Now I’m not talking about “fake it untill you make it” mantra. I’m talking about having, posessing, something of VALUE that others will find attractive, appealing or even a “must have”.

So how do you use that principle in MLM? You become more valuable by becoming a better marketer. You see, chances are that your Network Marketing company doesn’t teach you how to be a better marketer. The truth is, neither does mine. That means it is up to us to take on that responsibility. It’s almost like you’re in middle school. Everything they teach you while you’re in school is important, but the amount of time you spend on homework and additional studying is just as important if not more important.

What if you don’t have anything of value to offer just yet? Not a problem, this is why the Internet is filled with Attraction Marketing systems and tools that are beneficial to Network Marketing professionals. Are all those systems created equal? Absolutely NOT! A grand daddy of Attraction Marketing systems is Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard. Mike Dillard offers FREE Video Bootcamp that consists of 7 videos which will teach you the concept of Attraction Marketing and how you can apply it in yoru business. Before even looking at any other system out there I’d watch these videos 1st  and then get the Magnetic Sponsoring course to fully undertsand the concept of Attraction Marketing.

What you will learn inside of those FREE 7 Videos is that Attraction Marketing is like a funded proposal. You offer marketers tools, tools that they pay for, you get a commission for the sale, commissions help you offset your expenses while building your home business, you capture their information (name, email, phone), and that becomes a qualified lead, you build a relationship with your leads, and when the time is right they will come to YOU and ask YOU what your business is about. It’s simple, it works and it duplicates.

Now, you need to fully understand HOW this can be done and the best person to explain that to you is none other than a 7 figure earner, the Attraction Marketing system creator Mike Dillard. If you want to learn how to attract your prospects to your business rather than chase them you want to watch these FREE 7 Videos Bootcamp and start attracting the right kind of people into your business.

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